For short conversations, feel free to mention me on Twitter. For something longer, reach out via email.

For more sensitive conversations (or for audio/video calls), it’s best to DM me on Twitter to ask for my Signal or WhatsApp number. Alternatively, you can also send me encrypted email using my PGP key. My key’s full fingerprint is:

49C0 32E0 6BD9 71B5 B4A0  DFE1 F6EA A503 A921 7457

Its short key ID (which is not enough by itself for verification) is A9217457. The key itself is a 4096-bit RSA key and periodically expires. I upload new copies with updated expiration dates when they grow close.

Should anything ever go wrong (e.g., a compromised GitHub or Twitter account), look to my back-up Twitter for announcements.