I’m Ky-Cuong (“key-coon”), an incoming software engineer at Stripe. I just finished my undergrad as a computer science major at UCLA.

Through the power of the web, here are links to my:

Professional Work

This summer I was a software engineering intern at Stripe. Last summer, I interned at AppFolio, also as a SWE intern.

Before that, I programmed the Arduino-based electronics payload for UCLA Rocket Project and handled the mass-deployment of hundreds of Macs and iPads for the UCLA Lab School.

Volunteer Work

Outside of work, I enjoy paying it forward as an ACM Hack officer. Hack is one of six committees under the UCLA ACM umbrella.

Within Hack, I served as the founding Director of Hackschool, a quarter- long bootcamp in practical programming skills for UCLA students. We currently rotate between teaching full-stack web, Android app development, and iOS app development, teaching 100-200 Bruins every quarter.

I was also the founding Director of UCLA Capture the Flag (UCLA CTF), the first campus-wide cybersecurity competition. We plan on expanding it during this upcoming year as part of our new computer security committee, ACM NetSec.

To relax, I can usually be found running with Bruinrunners or discussing the latest Sherlock episode. Personal finance is also a strong interest of mine, and I am often on the Bogleheads wiki, or reading through finance books on my Kindle Paperwhite.

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